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[FREE] Data Science for All : A foundation course

Learn everything you need to know about fast-growing field of Data Science without having to write a single line of code Requirements No prior ...

[FREE] Create Analytics Dashboard with PowerBi and Tableau

Learn to create Visualization Reports | Data Analysis | Data Science | Business Intelligence Requirements Before taking this course, if your are ...

[FREE] Data Visualization in Python Masterclass™ for Data Scientist

Matplotlib for Data Visualization and analysis with Python 2021 Edition Requirements Basics of Python programming language. All examples ...

[FREE] NumPy for Data Science Beginners: 2021

Learn first step towards Data Science with all important concept of Numerical Python NumPy in Python For Data Science Requirements Basic ...

[FREE] Find Actionable Insights using Machine Learning and XGBoost

Let's Build a Student Retention Model with Python and Create a Report of Actionable Insights Requirements Knowledge of Python and ...

[FREE] Machine Learning Fundamentals [Python]

Understanding Machine Learning for Data Science in python. Best skill to get in free time. Requirements For Machine Learning ...

[FREE] Fundamentals of Decision Trees in Machine Learning

Learn the fundamentals of decision trees in maching learning Requirements Basic understanding of statistics Description ...

[FREE] CatBoost vs XGBoost – Quick Intro and Modeling Basics

Learn how to use CatBoost for Classification and Regression with Python and how it compares to XGBoost Requirements Some Python and ...

Modern Data Scientist

What the industry needs? Requirements Machine Learning concepts Description These days, you find thousands of ...

Learn Data Visualization with Python, Plotly and Power BI – free udemy coupons

Learn to build interactive charts with Plotly and Power BI asap Requirements A desire to transform complicated data into beautiful ...

Data Science and Analytics with AWS Quicksight and Power BI – free udemy coupons

Learn to create Visualization Charts and Reports | Data Preparation | Finding Insights from Data Requirements Before taking this ...

Machine Learning and Data Science with AWS – free udemy coupons

Learn various cloud services on AWS- Glue, Athena, Quicksight and Comprehend Requirements Before taking this course, if you are ...

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