Figure Drawing From Life Using The Reilly Technique

Learn to draw the figure from life in less than 45 minutes!


  • No previous knowledge or experience needed.
  • This method starts with a gesture/stick-figure approach which anyone can do from childhood.
  • Materials needed are inexpensive and require charcoal or carbon pencils (Wolff) and toned charcoal or pastel paper in addition to newsprint for practice.


This Frank Reilly method drawing course in fifteen lectures covers the details of the “Reilly” drawing technique and demonstrations using it. This technique allows for complete figure drawings from life in less than 45 minutes. Starting with the lines of action and large abstract shapes, the course proceeds through small shapes, negative space, value, perspective, foreshortening, edge, line, details (face, hands and feet), and drapery on the figure. The final two lectures summarize the entire technique and give two examples using it to draw complete figures in under five minutes by Reilly Method Drawing. There are also five complete demonstrations using this technique done in 4- 7 minutes of figures drawn from life in a variety of positions. The driving principal behind this course is that the “whole is more important than the parts” which is the reason that I start with a gesture drawing and build on its structure until completion with anatomy and details. Also, I cover how to apply drapery to the figure using the same principles.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning to draw using a visual method.
  • Anyone interested in learning a method that many artists use in drawing a wide variety of subject matter.
Figure Drawing From Life Using The Reilly Technique
Figure Drawing From Life Using The Reilly Technique

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