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Find Your Life’s Purpose And Legacy Certification

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Step-By-Step Guide To Find Your Life Purpose and Craft Your Legacy


  • Belief in yourself, have an open mind to transform.
  • Ability to use the workbooks, materials and templates.



Do you wake up lost and directionless every more morning? Going through motion and not actually understanding what your life is about? Then it is time to put a stop to this and understand truly who you are and what do you want to achieve in life. Aspiring mountain climbers will need to locate their mountain before they start ascending, similarly you need to locate your mountain. Find out where is your “Mount Everest” and where are you now. Once you pinned that down, take step-by-step action to get there. Live your life to your true potential with no regrets. Upon completion, a certification will be issued.


“What is my life purpose?” Is one of the most asked essential questions. This is one of the highly valued life purpose course that dive deep into “Yourself”. What do you want in this lifetime, as this lifetime will never come again. A practical course that releases your true revelation to discover and uncover your life purpose – The End In Mind. Certificate of completion will be issued to student. Practical exercise, materials and resources will be provided to uncover your true life potential and life purpose. Questions to the seven important aspects of your life to find that clarity, alignment and purpose. Remind yourself daily with a twenty second rule “Who are you?”. Wake up everyday with a sense of gratitude and life purpose.


In this powerful course you will:

– Discover what life condition and state of life at present (Where are you now) so that you can answer the question of “Who are you, truly?”

–  Find your life purpose by holding The End In Mind (What do you want to do with your life).

– Uncover the higher version of yourself by answering 7 important questions Craft your Legacy book with our 12 photographic technique

– Publish your legacy book in Amazon, Kindle or just an eBook

– Wake up every morning with a purpose so that you do not waste hours thinking what should you do today.

– Life purpose Fulfilment Quadrant uncovered – sustaining your life purpose quest.

– Importance of legacy and basic estate planning for people you love, everyone deserves a legacy

– Preserving your legacy with a breakthrough system with iLastWord app

– Continuous learning and sharing in finding your life purpose in our social media community and webinars

What You Will Learn:

  • How to find your life purpose and higher calling, how to create and leave a lasting legacy
  • Practical ways to transform your future and develop a roadmap for your life purpose, higher calling and success.
  • Access to workbooks, inspiring self-help books and resources that radically impact your future by aligning your inner self
  • Develop and achieve your life purpose and fulfil your dreams
  • Identify and measure the 7 important aspects of your life to achieve consistent growth in your life purpose
  • Learn how to leave a legacy that outlive yourself for generations with our breakthrough system; for the people you love and people who loved you

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who want to figure out their “why” in life and then “how” to live life to the fullest, with no regrets.
  • Those who want to find a sure path in an uncertain environment to fulfil their dreams and life purpose.
  • Individuals who are living life aimlessly, running the hamster’s wheel, wanting to unlock that potential within.
  • Those who want to achieve true happiness and not just relative happiness in their life.
  • Individuals who want to teach others achieve their life purpose. This is a continuous learning platform and be in our community.
  • Those who want to leave a legacy and prevent their love ones and family from suffering after they pass on.
  • Individuals who are limited by their beliefs and fear, preventing them from achieving greatness
  • Those wanting to have life purpose, live full, happy, satisfied, productive lives using their passions, gifts, and talents to make their lives count
  • individual who seek to achieve joy, fulfilment, true happiness and living their life with a strong purpose. Waking up everyday with energy and gratitude.
Don't Miss Any Coupon!

Don't Miss Any Coupon!

100% OFF $19.99 Get Course


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